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Sports psychology

W.H.O. gives you the last 1%

Researchers have identified peak sports performance factors that lead to reaching your goals. Our work with athletes is specific to the athlete’s need(s).  With a licensed psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral psychology, we provide data-driven, research-based individualized assistance to an athlete, a team or an athlete-coach pair. Only athletes committed to a learning partnership are accepted because YOU are in charge of your success.

  •  Clearly focused attention or improving focus

  • Positive, personalized mental skill

  • Physical + Mental Readiness

  • Increasing the Competitive Edge

  • Working toward your Performance Goals 

  • Learning to Slow Down "Time" during Performance

  • Feeling sustained Confidence

  • Immersion in the Present Moment

  • Enjoyment

  • Elimination of Performance jitters & anxiety

  • Imagery, Visualization and Rehearsal

  • Athlete/Coach "synchronized' partnership

Compression therapy

Doctors have prescribed compression therapy for thousands of years. Modern science continues to discover new benefits of
compression therapy.
Normatec provides air compression therapy for the legs, arms, and hips. Several sports organizations and teams use these products to aid athletes’ recovery following rigorous training sessions or competitive events. People who experience feg pain or poor circulation may find that Normatec products relieve their symptoms.

How Compression Works

Traditional compression therapy uses socks or stockings to support the veins in the
legs. The stockings place pressure on the feet and lower legs to help
reduce swelling and improve circulation.
Normatec is a type of EPC device. An EPC device uses air to put external pressure
on a part of the body — often the legs or feet.

Doctors use EPC to help treat deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. A person may
use the device in the hospital following surgery or at home with proper
Normatec devices work in a similar way to the EPC devices that a doctor may use
at the hospital. Both types use air to place pressure on certain areas of the body,
such as the legs, hips, and arms.



  • Better Blood Flow
  • Prevention and Treatment of Varicose Veins
  • Less Swelling
  • Less Dizziness and Nausea
  • Lower Risk of Blood Clots
  • Healing Leg Ulcers
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