Sports psychology

W.H.O. gives you the last 1%

Researchers have identified peak sports performance factors that lead to reaching your goals. Our work with athletes is specific to the athlete’s need(s).  With a licensed psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral psychology, we provide data-driven, research-based individualized assistance to an athlete, a team or an athlete-coach pair. Only athletes committed to a learning partnership are accepted because YOU are in charge of your success.

·       Clearly focused attention or improving focus

·       Positive, personalized mental skills

·       Physical + Mental Readiness

·       Increasing the Competitive Edge

·       Working toward your Performance Goals 

·       Learning to Slow Down "Time" during Performance

·       Feeling sustained Confidence

·       Immersion in the Present Moment

·       Maintaining a Sense of Fun & Enjoyment

·       Elimination of Performance jitters & anxiety

·       Imagery, Visualization and Rehearsal

·       Athlete/Coach "synchronized' partnership