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PBM (photobiomodulation) uses red, green and near infrared (NIR) light to improve the immune system so it can potentially attack viruses and help respiratory  diseases. PBM does this by improving aging mitochondria which improves cell energy. Over 4000 studies have shown that light heals. The full body LED light therapy bed uses light to reduce inflammation, detoxify cellular waste and free radicals, expand circulation, and increase energy. Professional sports franchises and the military utilize PBM to prevent injuries, speed recovery after competition, and improve peak performance in strength, speed and endurance.

Energy to relieve pain

People suffering report reduction in pain and illness after use of PBM.

Healthy people find that PBM optimizes physiological response.

3 pillars of action for PBM:

  • Healing wounds, deeper tissues & nerves

  • Reducing inflammation, edema, and chronic joint disorders

  • Inhibiting ATP production to reduce pain & improve neurological disorders


Pulsed Electromagnetic field

PEMF dates back to the 19th century improving general wellness in humans and animals.

PEMF helps the TRPC1 protein to facilitate the movement of calcium ions into the cell. The RPC1 protein is a voltage-gated ion channel located on the plasma membrane of a cell. This helps mitochondria respire more, aids in the production of calcineurin/protein to support your immune system and stimulates epigenetic cascades supporting mitochondria production.

  • Increased blood flow enhances nutrient delivery and facilitates gas exchange in active or injured tissues 

  • Enhanced oxygen consumption, optimizing wellness

  • Boosts ATP production, increase skeletal muscle cellular energy potential, amplify athletic performance 

  • Assists in reducing muscle fatigue post-exercise 

  • Decreases fatigue, enhancing energy & natural recovery 

Focused Laser

Like PBM, Focused Laser will help tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain. Patients with jaw pain and TMD issues find relief from a targeted approach to their specific orofacial pain.  Instead of undressing and lying in a bed, you are reclining in a dental chair with your safety glasses on and a warm blanket covering you, if wanted.


Surgery laser

Irbium/NB Yag Fotona laser is used for removal of tethered oral tissues (TOTs).

 ToTs include tongue ties, lip ties, and buccal ties.  Ties interfere with feeding for babies and speech for all ages.  In the case of tongue ties, keeps the tongue can not rest in the top of the mouth behind the front teeth. During sleep, a tied tongue can close off the airway causing you to stop or pause breathing and/or just make horrible snoring noises that wake you and your bed partner up during every night!

non-surgical laser use

The NightLase procedure, done with the Fotona in 1064 wavelength, tightens the palatal tissue to improve breathing at night (in patients with sleep-disordered breathing disorders).

In adults with sleep issues, Dr. Smith uses the laser to tighten collagen and to improve the connectivity of the muscular neuroreceptors of the throat. This leads to better control of the muscular relaxation threshold.

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