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Lifestyle wellness Coaching

Inevitable Change. Make it count.

Health behaviors (e.g., sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, mood management, and social connection) are essential to health and happiness.

We teach evidence-based strategies for personal and professional development. Learning across your lifespan is achievable! We help you focus on the key elements needed for you to use self-determination to change your life.  We help you, the client, to uncover your motivation needed for change. We leverage the science of positive psychology to help you apply your strengths and gain the capacity to adapt to setbacks. You design the engaging vision and set the goals that take you beyond what you can do alone.​

What do you want to start doing to feel better? WHO do you see yourself becoming? Let us help you achieve your goals optimizing sleep, healthy eating, increasing activity, improving performance. Adults have more control over aging than we believe. 70% of your aging relates to your environment and lifestyle.

Our group meet once per week and are limited to a maximum of 8 people. The cost is minimal, so no excuse not to get started!

  • $15 per session for a total of $180 for 12 weeks package

  • $20 per session for a total of $120 for a modified 6 week package

  • $25 for a single session, if scheduled one at a time

Upcoming Sessions

  • TBD 

**For assistance booking or rescheduling your session, please call 912-655-8855 or visit our online booking site

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