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Dr. Cynthia Hucks-Smith

Owner and Psychologist

Dr. Cynthia has a Bachelor’s degree in Education; a Masters with emphasis on learning differences, and doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She was a MVP college athlete in tennis. She has worked as a consultant in a wide variety of arenas, from teaching to government to hospitals to corporations to expand her knowledge base of concentrations within psychology. She founded a nonprofit and designed a mental health department model for Fulton County Juvenile Court which was awarded a National Award of Excellence. She provides consultations in the areas of Sports Psychology, for military, emergency, and police personnel with concurrent Sleep Disordered Breathing & PTSD. Both specialties overlap in the application of psychophysiology based interventions (e.g., arousal reduction, breath training and biofeedback).

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Josh Carter


Joshua Carter played tennis and baseball during his high school years and studied martial arts throughout college. The combination of sports and martial arts training has given Josh a strong understanding of how the body moves and its ability to generate power through the kinetic chain. Over the course of his career, he has acquired an impressive list of Certifications in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning (NCSF),  Yoga Breath Coaching, Mobility Coach, Functional Movement Coach, and Nutrition Coach. Josh is also a professional Tennis instructor and Tennis Performance Trainer. Whether you are interested in functional mobility or adding stretch to complement your existing Exercise plan or learning a sport skills or integrating breath training to take your exercise or sport performance to the next level, Josh truly enjoys helping others find their inner strength and achieve their personal goals.


Gabrielle Paderewski

Licensed Master Social Worker

Gabrielle Paderewski has a Master’s degree in Social Work. She attended the University of Mississippi and earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Legal Studies. She has begun her practice as a counselor and is working towards becoming clinically licensed. As of now she will be under the supervision and seeing patients with Dr. Hucks-Smith learning evidence based practices of healing the mind and restructuring the brain to operate at optimal functioning. She puts an emphasis on healthy living starting with the mind.

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