Making a better


Life brings all kinds of excitement and surprises, but sometimes, it can get a little stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are trying to change a behavior or better manage your emotions, we are here to help make that wish a reality. 

Here at Whole Health Optimization, we provide high-quality psychotherapeutic services that are specifically tailored to you. We create an environment that is compassionate, nonjudgemental, and confidential. Change, no matter how small, can be difficult, but we are committed to help you each step of the way.


Come take the first step of becoming a new and a more confident you!


- Anxiety

- Depression

- Pain

- Insomnia

- Behavioral Sleep Medicine

- Trauma (PTSD)

- Breathing Training (w/ biofeedback)


Tuesday- Thursday 8AM - 5PM

Call us at 912-655-8855

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    Introductory Session

    We welcome new guests to our healing and wellness space with a brief orientation to WHO Counseling. We will have you complete brief assessments in our office either before spending 50 minutes with Gabrielle. During this time, you and Gabrielle can both decide if we are the best fit to provide the services you need to meet your treatment goals. As a reminder, you will need to fill out your intake paperwork on your JANE profile before you come in. If you don’t have a profile, no problem, send us a text or give us a call (912) 655-8855. Our staff will help you. A $35 deposit will be charged to your credit card when you book and will not be refunded if you miss or are late to your appointment.

    Session Length: 50 minutes

    Price: $35

    (Offered by Whole Health Optimization)


    Follow-up Session

    After the Initial appointment & review of your assessment results, Gabrielle (with Dr. Cynthia’s supervision) will discuss a treatment plan with you. At this time the estimated length of treatment, goals, strengths, and recommendations will be decided together. We utilize a cognitive-behavioral and/or physiological psychology model for treatment. Each place priority of self-driven change, personal efficacy, and evidence-based practices.

    Session Length: 50 minutes

    Price: $35

    (Offered by Whole Health Optimization)

    **For assistance booking or rescheduling your session, please call 912-655-8855 or visit our online booking site