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Functional Physical Training


Move with Purpose

The human body was designed for movement…. Walking, squatting, throwing, jumping, carrying items. Over time as your lifestyle changes, you may lose some of this strength and mobility. With time you can regain strength, range of motion, and mobility. It is a myth that physical strength is inevitably lost with increasing age. In fact, muscle mass and adipose tissue predict health and mortality and muscles can be build as we age and fat can be lost.

When we talk to individuals that have slipped into a habit of a sedentary lifestyle, there is often dread and/or hesitation when the topic of exercise or physical training comes up.  We start with easily obtainable goals. We hold your hand to learn to move again. Activities of daily living -just walking are a great start!

The mindset is the key to success. We are here to teach you to be successful.

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