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Become “A²M³P²ed” with WHO

Become “A²M³P²ed” with WHO

Our Whole Health Optimization core philosophy is based on collaboration, compassion, and lifelong


We understand that bringing your best self to work can, at times, become more than you can handle alone. Family, friends, and/or coaches may not have the skills to handle all that life throws at you.

That’s where a psychology-based firm fills the gap!

Our specialized team believes a growth mentality and lifelong learning builds resilience, confidence, and leads to increased success. We work with each player collaboratively to develop individual career objectives whether you are on the brink making choices to enter the college ranks to turning professional to foster or maintain an upward career projection as a professional athlete.  We help you through the tough times to recover quickly and get back to living your dreams.


ATHLETE ADVISOR: Professional development and guidance

ASSIST: With media appearances & social media


MENTAL SKILLS: Sports Psychology & Performance

MEDIATOR/REPRESENTATIVE: Review, negotiate, & secure endorsements

PROMOTE: Oversee marketing & solicitation of sponsors/partners

PAY IT FORWARD: Gratitude. Give to others as we give to you.  


Whether you are starting, pursuing, thriving or struggling, we are here to help. We pride ourselves in mentoring, representing and marketing each athlete through their journey of continuous growth as we model and teach you that through highs and lows along life’s path.

Join the AMP'ed Team and send a message through WhatsApp: 912-484-4486

Sumit Nagal

ATP Pro Sumit Nagal part of the WHO team

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